Many people are not aware that the Old Testament contains more than 365 Prophecies regarding the coming of one described by the Bible as: “The Mashiach Ben David“, “The Messiah, Son of David.”

It is logical to conclude that if there is a God who has the technology to create this vast and complex universe, He also possesses the ability to validate who He is. Since it is by words that human beings communicate with each other, this transcendent being would logically make His communication with us, through human words.

If there is an eternal Living Creator, He would have the power to control all the events of human history. He could order history to fit His plans and purposes and chose certain men to record the words that He desired to communicate. This infinite being could easily protect and preserve over the eons of time, these exact words and allow those who had a desire to know Him, the opportunity to read these words.

I believe that the only compilation of books that meets this criteria, is the Bible. The reason that these sixty-six books are the only credible evidence for the existence of God, is that first of all, they are so bold to predict future events with one hundred percent accuracy. No other publication in all the history of man, can meet this record of perfection for predictive events.

A large portion of the Hebrew scriptures are directed at describing the coming of the Messiah. Where he will be born, what his name will be, what he will say and do, and how he will die and be resurrected back to life again. It is by apparent design that these prophecies are so detailed and intricate that when they are read in their entirety, it seems impossible that any one person could ever fulfill them all.

Stepping out of eternity, and into linear time, Jesus of Nazareth meticulously fulfills all the prophecies of the Messiah, perfectly and at the precise day they were supposed to be fulfilled.

When you begin this journey of discovery, you will be shocked and amazed at the precise manner in which Jesus understood, and ordered every detail of his life,  to insure that He perfectly fulfilled all the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah. In a different view, many of the prophecies of the Messiah that were fulfilled by Jesus, came without any planning or assistance from him at all. In fact, in some of the most important of these prophecies, Jesus had absolutely no power or opportunity to make them come about as they were predicted. The place of his birth, the manner of his death. The precise words that people would say about him, the precise actions of those who would condemn and put Jesus to death. In many of these important events of prophecy, Jesus had no control whatsoever, yet they were all fulfilled perfectly.

From the first Old Testament prophecy found in Genesis 3:15, to the final prediction found in Malachi, each prophecy builds on the former, and adds to our understanding of those ahead. When these 365 prophecies are studied in their entirety, they amazingly reveal one unmistakable conclusion: The Messiah is Jesus Christ.

Written with the Old Testament prediction, and Scripture reference first. Adding the New Testament scripture that validates the fulfillment of this prediction. Finally, an in-depth study and personal application of the individual prophecy to your own life, as well as the present prophetic applications for the world  as we see it today.

Hundreds of cross references. Every one of the 365 prophecies are hot linked with all the other prophecies that are similar, or further validate their authenticity. There are hundreds of in depth Bible studies on a multitude of important and interesting subjects that all students of the Bible will find valuable.

Over 1,800 pages of Bible Prophecy reference material. Written by Rob Robinson, Pastor and Bible Prophecy teacher for over 36 years. Rob has taught the Book of Revelation and Bible Prophecy to students in Europe, Asia and the United States. Rob and his wife Marissa live on Bantayan Island in the Philippines where they minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the wonderful Filipino people.

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This is a Huge “go to” prophecy reference source, a 365 daily prophetic devotional, and quick guide for every serious student of bible prophecy and the last days. I don’t think there has ever been another book written like 365 prophecies, that places at the fingertips of the reader, a concise single source for so many of the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah, and demonstrates how these prophecies were fulfilled perfectly by Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

Rob Robinson

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