The Book of Proverbs Bible Commentary by Chuck Smith

Solomon was a very wise man. When he ascended to the throne, God said to Solomon, “Ask of me whatever you would like”. So Solomon said, “Lord, grant to me wisdom, that I might rule over these, your people”. And the Lord said, was pleased with Solomon’s request. He said, “Because you did not ask for money or fame, but for wisdom, I will not only give you wisdom but I will also give you money, and riches, and fame”. So Solomon became a very wise man.

We are told in Kings, that he wrote three thousand proverbs. Now, I’ve been working all my life on a book of proverbs. I’ve got about five so far. If you challenge Solomon’s wisdom, then I challenge you, write a proverb.

Now a proverb is a short little saying that incorporates a lot of wisdom. We hear proverbs all the time. You know, your parents so often speak to you in proverbs. “Honey, a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush.” Now there’s a lot of wisdom to that. Having something, possessing something is, is really greater than hoping to get something that you don’t yet have. So, proverbs bring together thoughts and ideas that express a lot of wisdom.