Verse by Verse Bible Study in the Book of Romans by Pastor Chuck Smith

This Bible Study Begins December 13, 2010

Paul wrote his letter to the Romans while he was in Corinth at about 60 AD. It was his third visit to Corinth. And in his opening here, he will express to them the desire that he has had, to come to Rome. A long standing desire, but up until this present, the time that he wrote, he was hindered from going. Now when we closed the Book of Acts last week, we found Paul in Rome, at the end of the Book of Acts. That was three years after he wrote this desire that he had to come to Rome. Now he speaks of his desire as having been a long standing desire. We know that it was the will of God that Paul was to go to Rome. Jesus said, “As you have borne witness of Me in Jerusalem, so must you bear witness of Me in Rome”. This desire to go to Rome was a desire that was put upon his heart by the Lord as the Lord said that He would write His desires on the fleshly tablets of our hearts. So God had put upon Paul’s heart that desire to go to Rome, but it was several years before the desire was a fulfillment. Often times God reveals His will in advance, but it takes time for it to be accomplished. Look how long Abraham waited for the promise of God to give him a son through Sarah. And so often times like with Abraham, we get impatient waiting upon God. And we think, well, maybe God needs my help. Maybe God can’t quite do it without me getting involved. As the general rule, we are able to pretty well mess things up when we get involved. And then it takes a little longer for God to unscramble our mess before He can go ahead with His program. So Paul is writing. And so you were three years ahead of this writing last week. Now we are going back three years earlier as Paul was writing to the Romans, expressing his desire to come.