• The Cure For Gun Violence

    The Cure For Gun Violence

    After a tragedy such as the mass murder of 2o children at Sandy Hook school in Newtown Connecticut, the discussion over banning automatic weapons inevitably comes up. For some people who do not understand the nature of gun violence, they often blame the availability of certain weapons, or all guns, for the violence that often results from people killing others with firearms.

    Outlawing certain guns, or all guns, would not stop a person who is seeking to kill another with a firearm. There are currently over 320 million licensed firearms in the United States. Even if we banned the sale of all new weapons tomorrow, how are we going to control the 320 million guns that are already legally owned?

    The old adage “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, is absolutely true.

    Studies have shown that in places where there are a high number of good citizens with firearms for their personal protection, the incidents of gun violence by bad people, is very low.

  • Is the United States in Danger of Japan’s Nuclear Fallout?

    Is the United States in Danger of Japan’s Nuclear Fallout?

    With four of Japan’s nuclear reactors in different stages of “Meltdown”, concerns are increasing over the possibility of the nuclear material from one of these reactors reaching the United States.
    A normal part of the west to east flow of air across the earth, moves anything in the atmosphere, across the Pacific ocean and to the United States.

    Any nuclear material making it’s way into the 30,000 foot range of the upper atmosphere is a candidate to be swept across the Pacific ocean in just four days.

    Once the fuel rods that contain radioactive Plutonium and Uranium begin to melt within the inner six inch thick stainless steel vessel, tremendous amounts of nuclear material are released into the air surrounding the nuclear plant.

    Current air currents indicate that any air over Japan will come to the United States within days. It is for certain that nuclear monitoring stations on the west coast of the United States will be closely monitoring the atmosphere for any nuclear particles.

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    Posted on January 17th, 2011

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    Russia’s New Missile Immune to U.S. Defense Systems

    Russia’s New Missile Immune to U.S. Defense Systems

    Russia’s new SS-18, code named “Satan” by NATO, is capable of delivering 10 Nuclear warheads with a range of almost 10,000 miles.

    Just one SS-18 Missile is up to 500 times more powerful than any of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during world war 2.

    Even more terrifying is the fact that all of the current U.S Missile Shields are not capable of stopping the technology that delivers this powerful weapon.

    “This applies in the fullest sense to the USA’s anti-missile defence system and to Nato’s (planned) European missile defence system,” said Artur Usenkov.

    Experts estimate that Russia currently has between 60 and 90 missile silo launchers hidden across the countryside of Russia. Only a direct hit from a thermonuclear weapon is capable of destroying one of these missile silo’s.

    Russia and the United States have been negotiating a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Both countries were stating that they wanted to cut their spending for nuclear missile systems. No doubt this latest missile technology will required the U.S to answer with a greater system to stop such missile attacks, as well as a new long range Intercontinental Ballistic Missile systems.