To Be a Scribe or a Prophet?

To Be a Scribe or a Prophet?

When I was first called to be a pastor many years ago and began to study the scriptures sufficiently so that I might be able to teach them to others, the hours passed endlessly without regard to passing time.

I believed that in order to share the Word of God with someone else, I had to know it myself. In reality, I learned so I could teach. I studied so I might be able to stand at the pulpit and speak.

Some 35 years later I have learned that the true goal is not to study to teach, but to spend time in the presence of the Lord so I can report what I have seen.

A scribe does exactly this. He reads the Bible, and tells others what it says. A Prophet comes into the presence of the Lord and spends time in fellowship with Him, then shares his experience with others.

People do not need to know what the Bible says as much as they need to experience the reality of the God it reveals.