• On Making New Year’s Resolutions

    On Making New Year’s Resolutions

    Paul said that he really wants to do right things. The problem was that when he sets out to do them he found that it was nearly impossible for him to perform them. Paul said that it was the sin that was dwelling within his heart that prevented him from keeping his resolutions.

    Since it is so hard to keep our New Year’s Resolutions should we just not make any resolutions at all? Even if we did whatever we wanted to do, many of us have already have tried, that and it made us even more miserable that if we tried not to do them and failed.

    The answer is to go ahead and make the resolutions, and determine to do them. Then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to enable us to perform all of our good intentions. Then when we fail, we repent and get back up and try again. We continue to try and be better, with the help of the Holy Spirit, for the rest of our life. Over the course of time we will get better at overcoming sin and temptation. Eventually some of the most troublesome sins will fall away. (only to come back when you least expect them).

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    Posted on December 28th, 2012

    Written by Rob Robinson


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    The Hope of a New Year, Every Day

    The Hope of a New Year, Every Day

    We don’t have to wait for New Year’s day to have the hope of starting over again. We can wake each new day to a fresh start with our God, who eagerly desires to forgive us and grant us peace in our mind and heart. There is forgiveness in Jesus name. He died to pay for all the mistakes that we have made in our life. He offers relief from the sorrow, removal of the guilt, and hope for a better tomorrow.

    Whatever your present situation, the Lord understands how you feel. He is well aware of what has happened to you during your life. He knows about every terrible thing that we have said and done, and yet He still loves us so deeply. He feels compassion for us, because He knows the frailty of our human frame. He knows about the cruel and hurtful things that people have said and done to you. He offers you healing and understanding. All that we must do is come to Him right now and lay all our burdens on Him. Jesus can lift your sorrow, give you hope, and satisfy the longing of your heart