• We Cannot Know “How”, Without Knowing “Why”

    We Cannot Know “How”, Without Knowing “Why”

    Scientists and Physicists believe that the “constants” that we observe in the universe are related to each other, therefore we really don’t have as many examples of fine tuning as we formerly thought. In other words, if we change one of the constants, perhaps it will affect some of the other constants, maybe it won’t. The problem with this theory is that there is no physical evidence for this. All the evidence that exists today suggests that the fine tuning of the universe is not going to change. Every time scientists try to suppress the fine tuning is one area, it comes up in another place. Given the multiplicity and the variety of fine tuning, it is highly unlikely that fine tuning will not be true in any future physics.

    This leaves us with a choice between an intelligent designer or agent and the latest theory of “Multi-verse” hypothesis. In “multi-verse”, or “many worlds” theory, there is a failure at explaining why the fine tuning of the universe could exist if there are many, many universes that exist simultaneously. In this latest “Multi-verse” theory, experts try to explain the existence of human beings on a planet that has been finely tuned, on the basis of what they call “a selection effect”. The latest experts state that only in finely tuned universes can we have observers of the fine tuning, such as human beings, so why should we be surprised that we can observe the fine tuning of the universe?

    What this thought fails to recognize is that it is not true that all observable universes have to be “finely tuned”.

  • “In the Beginning”… You Weren’t There

    “In the Beginning”… You Weren’t There

    According to Lawrence Krauss, the author of “A Universe From Nothing”, and many other bestselling books on Physics and Cosmology, the universe began from nothing. The universe being flat, and about 13.7 billions years old, is made up of 30 percent dark matter and 70 percent dark energy. Mr. Krauss says that if we subtract everything in the universe that is visible, including all human life, the Cosmos will not change at all.

    In his opinion, this tells us that human beings are “even more insignificant than any of us ever imagined.”

    In his famous Youtube video on the universe originating from nothing, Mr. Krauss states: “We are completely irrelevant. Why such a universe would be made for us when we are so irrelevant, is beyond me…”

  • Origin of the Universe, Which One Takes More Faith?

    Origin of the Universe, Which One Takes More Faith?

    Atheists often criticize Christians in that they formerly believed that the Sun orbited the earth, prior to the 19th century. Until the recent past, Atheists believed that the universe was eternal, that it has always exited and always will exist.

    Today, scientists understand that the Universe had a finite beginning, and eventually it will have an ending.

    This leaves us with only two legitimate and logical explanations for the origin of the universe:

    Someone created the universe.
    The Universe created itself.
    Which of these two possibilities are more logical?

    Let us imagine that the universe arose out of some spontaneous uncontrolled mechanism, whereby it eventually developed, over billions of years of course, into all the life forms that we see present today.

    So, we would say: “In the beginning, there was nothing, then it exploded, and became everything that we can see, and everything that we cannot see…”

    Or, “In the beginning God created the universe…”

    Which of these takes more faith?

  • After Death, Fulfilled Prophecy, Heaven, Rob Robinson, Time and Eternity

    Posted on March 11th, 2012

    Written by Rob Robinson



    What Time is it in Heaven?

    What Time is it in Heaven?

    What is the difference between the measurement of time here on Earth, and the way that time is measured in Heaven?

    On Earth, the seconds, minutes, hours and days are measured “Linearly” Each moment occurs one after the other, with the beings on the planet living within the unfolding of those moments.

    In Heaven, everything has already taken place.

    If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you are already there in heaven with all of the redeemed, living forever with the Lord. All the events of the Bible have come to a close. The events of the last days that Bible Prophecy students study and watch, have all been concluded. All the things that God has promised in His word, have already been fulfilled. There is nothing remaining that needs to be completed in the total plan of God.