Irreducibly Complex Systems “Didn’t Plan to Evolve”

Irreducibly Complex Systems “Didn’t Plan to Evolve”

In his Youtube video, the author of “QualiaSoup”, seeks to make his case that Irreducibly complex organisms are not so irreducibly complex. The author takes the listener through a series of mental gymnastics in which he asks the participant to accept his assumptions that explain why irreducibly complex systems such as the human eye, could have evolved.

In an explanation of the mouse trap, an irreducibly complex system, the author states that by removing the mechanism from the base and attaching it to another base, we have rendered the mechanism non-irreduciblly complex.

In a quickly passed over statement immediately after the mousetrap example, the author states:

“A mousetrap is made with a goal in mind, evolution has no such goals, living mouse catchers didn’t plan to evolve that way…” (Excerpt from Qualiasoup You tube video)

In other words, the complexity of the human eye, was not planned. In evolutionary thought, a human eye, as amazing and complex as it is, just happened by accident. The author asks us to accept that it was never the goal of any irreducibly complex system, to become whatever it became, it just happened to end up that way by chance.