Iran Threatens Attack on Israel over Syrian Crisis

Iran Threatens Attack on Israel over Syrian Crisis

In light of the beginning of Rosh Hashanah this next week and the Feast of Trumpets, our thoughts are turned towards Jesus and the fact that He fulfilled all four of the first four feast of Israel upon His first arrival on earth 2,000 years ago. We learned today that movement in the middle east over confrontation with Syria by the United States, may provide a link between the return of the Lord during the Feast of Trumpets, and a potential new war between Israel and Iran.

The Iranian Guard announced that any further involvement by the United States against Syria will move Iran to launch an attack against Israel.

“An American attack on Syria will result in the destruction of Israel and have severe repercussions for the US and its allies, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards said,” reported the Times of Israel. “A possible war in Syria ‘will result in the imminent destruction of the Zionist regime of Israel,’ General Mohammad Ali Jafari said late Wednesday, according to a report Thursday in the state-sponsored Iranian Tasnim News Agency,” the Times noted. 1

“The American ‘proxy war scenario’ in Syria has failed, so Washington and the West have resorted to a “direct military threat,” which, if carried out, will have ‘severe consequences…2

There are seven feasts that Israel was to observe from the Book of Leviticus Chapter 23, and each one of these has a counterpart in the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled in the New Testament