Pastor and Christian Author, Robert Clifton Robinson

Three current books in publication:

365 Prophecies,” 3,008 Pages
Yeshu,” 474 Pages
A Universe from God,” 549 Pages

“365 Prophecies” is a 3,000-page, 400-chapter treatise on the historical, scientific, and prophetic evidence for Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God and the one true Messiah. This publication includes all of the chapters from “Yeshu,” and “A Universe From God.”

“Yeshu” is a unique look at the historical Jesus from the records of the Roman government, the Jewish Talmud, and the eyewitness accounts of the New Testament.

“A Universe From God” examines the scientific evidence from the universe for the existence of God.

When I began writing 365 Prophecies, I had no idea that it would end up as such a large book. My original intention was to detail the Old Testament prophecies which Jesus fulfilled in the New Testament. As the writing progressed, I realized that it would also be necessary to chronicle the current evidence, which is available from the historical record, for Jesus of Nazareth as a real person from history. For this reason, I included the chapters from the book Yeshu in 365 Prophecies as a part of its original work. After 365 Prophecies was completed and published, I realized that many people may be interested in the historical evidence for Jesus as a person from antiquity, but not in the prophetic evidence. For this reason, I separated the chapters from Yeshu, out of the book 365 Prophecies, as a unique book for those looking for the historical proof for Jesus.

The third book, “A Universe From God,” is a similar attempt at providing a separate book for those who are interested in evidence for the existence of God from science and astronomy.

Due to the immense size of 365 Prophecies at 3,000 pages, this book should rightly sell for about $30.00. Instead, to make it accessible to as many people as possible, I chose to reduce the price to just $9.95 and then make Yeshu and A Universe from God available at just $5.99 each.

If you find that you are interested in all three of these aspects of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection: the historical, scientific and prophetic, then it would be best for you to just purchase the one book, 365 Prophecies. This single publication contains all of the chapters from Yeshu and A Universe From God.

I sincerely hope that these publications are some help and encouragement to you in your growing knowledge of God and how He has provided so richly for us, a great abundance of interesting and valid evidence so that we might trust in Him.

I am the former senior pastor of two churches for over 14 years, and a Christian Author. I have taught the Bible and specifically Bible Prophecy in the United States, Europe, and Asia for the past 37 years. I have publications on nearly all of the books of the Bible in Audio format.

May the Lord richly bless you in your life as you seek Him and continue to grow in your knowledge of His great love for you.

Robert Clifton Robinson



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