About This Ministry:

Pastor and Bible Teacher, Rob Robinson

Pastor Rob Robinson

In April of 1975, I was attending Calvary Chapel in West Covina California. At 19 years old, like many young people during that time, we were searching for deeper meaning in our life. A movement began called “The Jesus People”.

Pastor Chuck Smith had already began to teach through the entire Bible at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa California, and young peple like myself were coming from everywhere to hear the Word of God.

I surrendered my Life to Jesus Christ on April 25th, 1975, and I was never the same again. An intense hunger to know Jesus through His Word, propelled me into teaching a home Bible study where I could encourage others to also surrender their lives to Jesus.

In 1990 I began attending Calvary Chapel in Roseville California where my pastor; Ken Robillard oversaw the home Bible study I taught and eventually sent me out as a minister at large in 1994.

On June 23rd, 1994 we sold our house, our business and most everything we owned and embarked on a two year, 38,000 mile journey to a place at that time, only known to the Lord.

We settled in Heber Arizona where we waited on the Lord another two years to show us where we were to serve. On march 23, 1997 I was asked to pastor two small churches in Holbrook and Winslow Arizona, who had lost their pastor.

For the next 12 years I taught through the Bible, verse by verse. Enduring the loss of our home in Heber by wildfire, the death of my wife in 2006, and the trials of being a pastor in two churches, living 76 miles from either church. I learned to be faithful in the little things and just teach the people the Word of God.

I founded Teach The Word Ministries and two other outreach ministries, The Word MP3, and Bible Prophecy Update, to make available, sound, easy to understand Bible teaching.

On February 28, 2010 my wife Marissa and I began a new ministry to the people of Bantayan Island, a small atoll off the coast of Cebu in the Philippines. We are rebuilding the homes of the humble fisherman who live along the shores of the island who had their homes destroyed by a typhoon that struck the island in 2006. We bring food, shelter, clothing and meet their medical needs. We believe that by meeting the practical needs of these gentle island people the Lord has opened a door of opportunity for us to tell them about Jesus and His great Love for them.

Ministering to the People of Bantayan Island

You can see our new work on Bantayan Island in the Philippines by clicking on this link.

This Bible Prophecy Update Blog is syndicated world-wide by Amazon.com Through their KIndle Store. The articles and Bible studies contained on this Blog site are the results of my 36 years just faithfully teaching the people the Word of God.

May this blog and these studies bless you as much as it blessed me teaching them to the Lords wonderful people.

Pastor Rob Robinson